Woody Johnson and Todd Bowles Have Totally Different Views on Jets 2017 Season


Woody Johnson says fans should judge the 2017 season not so much on wins and losses, but rather, on how younger players improve throughout the season. Look at each individual on the team and see if they’re getting better. Improving is a sign of progress. That’s what they’re looking for. The biggest thing is for them to be patient.

The concentration on younger players and making sure the coaching staff is capable of teaching those players and getting them better is what has to happen. So, it’s a good sign, if the team is getting improving. To me, that means the team will end up having more wins than expected. Right?

They’ll be headed in the right direction with a chance of reaching the playoffs sooner than later. Fans shouldn’t be disappointed with this. But their patience could be running on fumes at this time. The ones that did, should be delighted because they hung in there for a long period of time.

Johnson’s comment doesn’t sound like it’s coming from an owner of a team.  Certainly not from a businessman that he is. More like, someone who doesn’t understand the concept of a team trying to gel. That’s what really is happening in this case. So, it might be a good thing that Johnson will be far away from the team this year.

As for Coach Todd Bowles, his expectations are high for the 2017 season. How high you might ask? His goal is to get to the Super Bowl and he was being realistic about this comment. He knows they have to take steps being that there are a lot of guys that have to get acclimated chemistry wise right away. Progress for him is being a lot better than last year.

Every team in the NFL has that type of goal going into the season but for Bowles to expect that to happen with a different roster with younger guys is a bit off.  First, they’d have to learn the systems which aren’t easy. What happens sometimes is the team cannot grasp the regular systems that are in place and have to take a step back. It would mean that they would have to use less complicated plays (vanilla packages) but that would be easier for teams to read and see. So, if this does occur, the Jets can find themselves having a very similar season to 2016 or even worse which they wouldn’t want. If not, they could end up winning more games than they did in 2016 but not go to the playoffs.





2 thoughts on “Woody Johnson and Todd Bowles Have Totally Different Views on Jets 2017 Season

  1. Woody Johnson now understands that as long as the Jets are in the same division as the Patriots, it doesn’t make sense to pay a lot of money while New England has a dynasty. Like baseball, you look for young hidden gems and you have to wait for the dynasty to start falling. There is no parity in the AFC East, and only a small number of teams in the AFC are competitive with the Pats. No superbowl for Jet fans till B and B retire and the Jets find some franchise caliber players.


    1. No owner should be intimidated by any team in the NFL. Johnson doesn’t need to wait for the Patriots to fall or Belichick to retire. He needs to try to at least compete with them and the rest.

      In 2017, all teams need to spend an average of $158M due to what the CBA dictates. It explains why the Jets had to have some high-priced contracts to those who they think deserve it.

      No fans or the Jets should think about getting to the Super Bowl this year until they have a legitimate team to compete with anyone. It’s pretty clear that they aren’t even close to that right now.


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