Where Is Woody Johnson’s Jets Valued At?


There are many professional sports team that are worth lots of money and according to Forbes recent valuations of all sports teams, the New York Jets are the 13th most valuable team, currently worth $2.75 billion.

Is this due to Woody Johnson being the owner of the team?

Well, Johnson is assisted by New York being a very marketable state. It’s the 3rd largest state population-wise, having over nineteen million people residing and with football being the most popular sport now, always helps. The stadium where the Jets play is MetLife Stadium is fairly new  and actually located in New Jersey, does increase the valuation much more. Due to the high ticket prices for games and concession stand prices being astronomically high. Johnson was the owner in 2010 and he played a large part in getting a new stadium built for the state and the fans not only in New York and New Jersey but across the United States.

It certainly looks good for Mr. Johnson now being that the Jets are worth $2.75 billion when he bought the team for only $635 million. He can make a pretty penny on it if he does sell the team. Most of the time, billionaires like Johnson make purchases like this for investment purposes only and just to say, I own a NFL team. Right now, it certainly does look like a good investment.

Teams that are currently rated as more valuable than the Jets are the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, New England Patriots, New York Knicks, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Redskins, and Los Angeles Rams.




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