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I thank you for visiting the Business Side of Owning NY Jets! Woody Johnson is currently the owner who’s a businessman and philanthropist.

I created this website to give you a first-hand look on what it takes to be an owner of an NFL team and decisions that have to be made. Analyzing those moves and more.

I’ve been a fan of the New York Jets since 1968. My first Jets game that I attended was on December 13, 1973 at Shea Stadium, when OJ Simpson rushed for 200 yards, for a record-setting total of 2,003 yards that year.

I was the founder and President of the South Florida Jets Fan Club (which still meets) and Jets Fan Club of Fort Lauderdale. During that time I attended Jets training camp in Long Island and Cortland in New York and of course I’ve attended games with groups and friends. During that time I’ve met a good number of players and they were all very good experiences.

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Former owner/blogger of Dustinkeller81.com.

 I am also a Tax Accountant and work part time from home.

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